Voilà! You’re taking your very first steps into a brave new world, one with neither borders nor boundaries, where the only limitations are those imposed by your own imagination. Time stands still, the sun is shining more brightly than ever, and the birds have halted in mid-flight (a rather painful event for some of them!). In other words, you’ve made it! You’re on Wistitee, and we want you to feel at home. Here is where our story begins.

So did our jazzy introduction grab your attention? Are you intrigued by what you hear and ready to get started? There’s simply no hiding how (very) proud we are to show off the fruits of our labor.

Wistitee is the product of two years’ hard work. There were ups and downs, and moments of intense debate as we gently and lovingly endeavored to fine-tune the site’s pixels and HTML tags. Like proud artisans, we did our very best to build a platform with the aim that you would be able to express yourself and we would be able to get to know you better.

Is everything absolutely perfect? Of course not! Is our idea going to work? That depends on you. But whatever challenges lie ahead, we will always be grateful to you for being involved.

Warmest wishes,

The Wistiteam

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