Like all great stories, Wistitee began with a chance encounter. The first time Olivier and François met was when they happened to sit next to one another in a university Computer Science class that they were in the habit of going to every now and then. As they got to know each other on that fateful day, they came to realize that they had a great deal in common. Not only could they both hang a spoon from their nose and spell out words on an upside-down calculator, but each was a stalwart beer connoisseur (although that’s hardly surprising, given that they’re both Belgian). No, their encounter bore all the hallmarks of destiny: they had too much in common for it to be mere coincidence.

Feeling that if they worked together they would be able to accomplish great things, they launched into an intensive, systematic, and applied study of Counter-Strike. Once the school year was over, however, their professors just shook their heads at the merits of such an undertaking. So Olivier changed course to take up art, leaving his sidekick feeling alone, sad, and not knowing what to do. So just like Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson, the two went their separate ways…

But a strange quirk of fate reunited them several years later, at a “Doudou”. A Doudou is a huge festival that takes place every year in the strange Belgian village of Mons. Over the course of several days, out of respect for long-standing tradition, the townspeople rally together to quaff enormous quantities of beer while maintaining customs dating back to the Middle Ages. One of the most unusual of these involves removing a terrifying dragon’s tail. The combat pits the monster against a yellow-clad knight named Saint George, the city’s great protector. (Editor’s note: Comments regarding the methods use to defeat the dragon are strictly prohibited).

As the two enjoyed this lively spectacle on the crowded town square, at one point, they made their way over to the statue of a little monkey – the city’s good luck charm – and discreetly rubbed its head. In a flash, their mission was revealed to them, clear as day:

To bring together accomplished artists and new talent from all corners of the world, and to promote their spectacular work through an online webstore specializing in the sale of exceptional, limited-edition t-shirts. T-shirts endowed with extraordinary superpowers: making people smile, banishing gloom, and bestowing glory, wealth and longevity on those who wear them (note that these statements fall outside the scope of any contractual agreements). And of course, people would look great in them.


Olivier was bestowed with creative powers, while François was given the role of master programmer. Most importantly, each was endowed with an ability to put up with the other’s sensitive side. Finally, to back them up in this undertaking, they were presented with three assistants: Chucky, Esther and Sauron.

Aren’t they adorable?

So began their grand adventure. Of course, at the time, they had no idea just how long and perilous the journey ahead would be, but all those who saw their story unfold agree on one thing: the pair put so much love into a job well done and worked so hard to achieve success that, in the end, they might have moved mountains! (A pleasant, but not particularly useful thought).

In any case, 6 months one year 2 years later: Wistitee was born. And all we can say is that the baby, at term, was damn huge.

La Wistiteam


Our Partners

As a great thinker once said: “It’s not the destination that matters, but the Power-Ups bumped into along the way“. Thanks to them, Wistitee has grown into what it is today, and we are eternally grateful.


A web agency based in Mons, Octopix is the master builder responsible for Wistitee’s technical framework. Their patience and excellent listening skills are equaled only by the velvety touch of their tentacles.

Kirby X Cthulhu

Benoît Boucart

A true wonder boy in the world of Web design, Benoît Boucart created Wistitee’s visual mockups. His expert advice on integration and ergonomics make him a veritable Padawan.


The Walloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency provided partial financing for the project. Here at Wistitee, we begin each day with a tip of our collective hat in front of the stone plaque that stands in our office in honor of this great organization.

Dan Golembeski

Alias “the Casanova of the French language” and “the Stromae of translation”. It’s thanks to this French professor at Grand Valley State University that Wistitee owes its American flavor.

Patrick Hansart

No man alive is as quick on the draw with Excel as he. His outrageous mastery of things numeric combined with the sheer elegance of his mustache has every certified public accountant in the country trying to emulate him.


Mons’ premier coworking space, it’s “the place to be” for inspiration (and expiration), where we encountered moments of glee, occasional bouts of doubt, and many wonderful, charming people.

They lent a hand (almost) for free

Krystel – your corrections of the countless different versions of the website’s texts were invaluable. Thank you for having saved us from the eternal shame that publishing certain passages would have caused us, but which, in the end, just made us all laugh.

Anne-Sophie – your unfailing support and mastery of the “tartiflette” recipe provided with us all the comfort we needed time and time again. Thank you for your infinite patience.

Wistitee would also like to thank…

The local chip stand, for its sandwiches that were, well… special. It was always enjoyable serving as guinea pigs for their culinary experiments.

All those who believed in us, even if it was while under the influence of strong drink.

Philippe and Mathilde – May you always stay the same!

And of course JM, without whom none of this would have ever been possible.