Greetings – and yes, congratulations!

You’ve just discovered the Internet’s best-kept secret: a new online community specially designed for T-shirt enthusiasts. Only a short while longer until launch. And now you are one of the website’s pioneers. There’s no need to thank us: it’s our pleasure – in fact, we’re absolutely thrilled to have you on board!

Beyond the immense satisfaction you’ll feel at being able to say “I was there from the very beginning”, you are now a key player, entrusted with an important mission. We’d like you to help us improve our website by making it your own, shaping it so that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

“Ok, Wistiteam – all that sounds great. But what exactly do I have to do?”

Great question: you’re ahead of the game, we expected no less. Thanks for asking.

All we need you to do is take Wistitee out for a test drive. You’ve heard it before – the paint is still a little wet, blah blah blah. Simply put, you’re currently seeing our Beta version. We’ve done our best, but it’s still not quite perfect. So take a look around. Explore each and every nook and cranny (go ahead, don’t be afraid!), tell us what you think and then, on the “suggestions” page, send us your ideas. If you are an artist, we’d also love to see your designs, which, if you’d like, you can submit here without further ado.

If you don’t know where to begin, then start by registering on the site (it takes only a minute or two) and then keep an eye on your inbox for our email: in it, you’ll find a handy Welcome Guide with a few tips and ideas. But we’ve tried hard to make the website intuitive, so if you prefer, go ahead, jump right in and start exploring on your own.

Welcome to Wistitee.

The Wistiteam

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ste_octopix @ste_octopix

Icy Bomb @icybomb

* Feeling honored* Thank you

Olivier @olivier

Merci à tous !

boonskis @boonskis

Looking forward to ordering my first t-shirt!

palitosci @palitosci

Hi! I´m palitosci from Bs. As. Argentina.

Good Luck Wistitee!

Olivier @olivier

@palitosci Thank you very much and welcome on board!

Guillaume Giansante @giansanteg


morgano @morgano

Un T-Shirt du jeu ‘Rocket League', ça serait super !!!