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Captain’s Log: June 5, 2020

Confined for the past several months to their secret den, Wistitee’s monkeys weren’t spending all their time island hopping on Animal Crossing. Quite the contrary, in fact! They rolled up their arm fur and set their noses to the grindstone: and now, as they step back out into the daylight, they’re happy to announce the creation of the best-looking platform yet! Here’s a brief overview of some of the new features you’re sure to appreciate.


Glam though it may have been, the Wistitee website was never a paragon of speed! The stop-gap repairs done previously to speed things up can’t hold a candle to what one overexcited master monkey has managed to do over these past 3 months!

The end results? Depending on the page, loading time has been cut by a factor of 2, 3, or 4. Magnifico!

More user-friendly

Let’s not kid ourselves: our registration and account connection systems were about as practical and ergonomic as a first-gen Xbox controller.

In the old system, each registration method created a distinct account. If you couldn’t recall whether you’d connected on Facebook or Twitter, there was no way to find out. You thought you had created a classic account, but in fact you had logged in via Google?—Going to the “Forgot Password” form was of no help whatsoever.

But that was then. This is now: one email address = one account, and you can change your connection method each time you visit, just make sure you’re using the same email. Pure magic!

More rewarding

But why was it so important to us to make it easier for you to access your accounts? Good question. For one thing, if you can’t log in, you can’t hand out bananas in the voting gallery! And for another, the Wistitee Rewards Program— after plenty of teasers—has finally arrived! From now on, every purchase or special action can earn you KingPoints, which you can then redeem for discounts. And best of all, the system has been set to retroactively validate all purchases made since 29 May, 2019! For the complete low-down, check out the FAQ.

When will things be back to normal?

Let’s be perfectly clear: as for so many others, the crisis we’ve just been through has given our little company one doozy of a black eye. But today, as life returns little by little to normal and as we look forward to the fast-approaching return of the featured T-shirt, there’s one thing we want you to understand: not only have we not been knocked out of the game, but we’re still 100% in the fight!

Love & Bananas,

The Wistiteam

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Cerlenea @cerlenea

Bonjour l'équipe. Peut être que l'activation de vos points prend un peu de temps mais j'ai deux commandes passées en novembre 2019 et pas de points sur mon compte.

François @francois

@cerlenea Effectivement il semble qu'il y a eu quelques dysfonctionnements. J'ai corrigé le nombre de points sur votre compte 🙂

Cerlenea @cerlenea

Merci ! 🙂

Olivier Dupont @olivier_dupont

Quand le retour des éditions limitées pour les sweats? 😀

François @francois

@olivier_dupont Nous faisons tout pour que ça ne tarde plus trop 😉