Wistitee Rewards Program

Confined for the past several months to their secret den, Wistitee’s monkeys weren’t spending all their time island hopping on Animal Crossing. Quite the contrary, in fact! They rolled up their arm fur and set their noses to the grindstone: and now, as they step back out into the daylight, they’re happy to announce the creation of the best-looking platform yet! Here’s a brief overview of some of the new features you’re sure to appreciate.

As in previous years, we will move a lot in 2018, the Wistiteam will be present on several large and small events as well in Belgium (our country), France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, …

The opportunity for us to come to you, to exchange a few words but especially to show you what we are most proud of: our fabulous limited edition t-shirts.

To mark our two-year anniversary after months of hard work and unrelenting efforts, it’s with great pride that we’d like to let you know about a major upgrade to our platform.

For some time now, we’ve been secretly collecting your countless suggestions and comments, piecing together a top-secret list, something the entire world of e-commerce would love to have! Here’s the good news: the Wistiteam has taken its responsibilities seriously and has now assembled a wide assortment of new features for your enjoyment!


Voilà! You’re taking your very first steps into a brave new world, one with neither borders nor boundaries, where the only limitations are those imposed by your own imagination. Time stands still, the sun is shining more brightly than ever, and the birds have halted in mid-flight (a rather painful event for some of them!). In other words, you’ve made it! You’re on Wistitee, and we want you to feel at home. Here is where our story begins.