Extra Life

Ta-da! After several weeks off, it’s time to put an end to this almost unbearable hiatus: Wistitee is back!

Holed up in our secret laboratory, we set aside our joypads not only to spend time reflecting on the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything, but also to see how the monkey we’ve been raising for several years now has been coming along.

One thing’s for sure: it was hard work raising him, but we still love him. So no regrets. But he’s the kind of kid with tons of potential who needs a solid kick in his pretty pants if he’s going to amount to anything.

We put our brains to work and, banana after banana, the pieces of the puzzle came together: it was time to put all the experience we’d gained to good use.

Today, your favorite monkeys are back with a whole slew of new ideas. Some of them will take time to implement, and others will be barely noticeable, but are intended to increase your satisfaction.

Watch out, though: the first tangible measure should, we hope anyway, make your fur bristle.

The return of our featured T-shirts is, yes, a chance for us to shake things up yet again in terms of… our prices. Oh, we know: you were expecting something a little sexier than that, but what we’re talking about here is, in fact, a veritable blast from the past.

Two years ago, we had no other choice but to raise our prices, and rather sharply. It was a tough decision (almost as hard as having to choose which new series to start watching on Netflix), but a necessary one. Today, we believe it has held us back by limiting access to our platform, and so it’s time to let up on the brakes.

In concrete terms, it means that the prices of our base models are going to drop: our iconic flash sale crew-neck T-shirt is back to its original price of 12€.

The original price? Well, know that, given the more complex and riskier nature of production, this price may vary from time to time, to ensure that your euros closely match our costs.

We’re also rearranging things in our webstore: you’ll no longer be pay more if you’re interested in purchasing just one T-shirt.

All this will take place without us tampering one bit with the quality we’ve come to be known for even in the farthest reaches of the internet. Nor will we be making any changes to the talented monkeys that make up our supply chain, as each one is a vital link.

So now you know: today, for Wistitee, a new chapter begins, one full of new aspirations. And if we’re pouring all our energy into writing it, it’s thanks to the many messages we receive from you that, day after day, inspire us and make us want to do better. (So much for the emotional part of this article, but it’s incredibly sincere!)

Okay, we’re cutting you loose: time for you to go vote!

Hugs and bananas,

The Wistiteam

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