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How long have you been designing t-shirts?

At this moment I’m 5 years in the t-shirt designing business. And I hope to stay many years more!

What are your sources of inspiration?

Mainly everything related to pop culture, movies, tv series, videogames… Curiously it’s what I like most haha

What advice would give to artists just starting out?

Don’t give up! There are a lot of new artists emerging and there is much competition, but if you have a good style then it's about time you stand out and get many fans that will follow your work.

As an artist, what is your typical day like?

I start looking for something trending or just an old idea I could have it written down. Then I figure out how I could create a parody that people could like, searching for references and doing some sketches, so I can have a vision of my idea before starting to create on Illustrator/Photoshop. After that comes in my opinion the worst part… send it to all the stores and doing all the promos!

As a child, what was your dream career?

Mmmm… I wasn’t sure about my future career as a child, but somehow I knew I would end up doing something related with graphic design or multimedia stuff, which is actually my profession.

We all have a mentor. Who was yours?

My first contact with t-shirt designing was when I started working at Fanisetas in 2010, a company of my brother and his friend (now freelance artist) Legendary Phoenix. They show me this business and I love it!

Which do you prefer: video games or board games?

I was born in the early 80’s and I will always remember the old classic video games era. And of course I still play video games!

Extraterrestrials are coming to destroy the Earth. But, in a moment of mercy, they let you do one last thing. What would you do?

I would do my joy dance before dying in terrible suffering while show them my butt!

After having suffered some kind of setback, you suddenly acquire a super power. What would it be?

I think flying is one of the abilities that I wanted to have since I was a child. It must be an awesome sensation!

You have one day to spend with a famous person (still alive, ideally). Who would it be?

Robert Downey Jr. has to be an incredible partner to go out with him haha

If you could live out your life inside a film, TV series, comic book, graphic novel, book or video game, what would it be?

This one is difficult! So many choices… I think I would stay inside one of my favorite sagas: Star Wars!

You are now Master of the Universe. What would your first divine deed be, O All Powerful Master?

Send all the evil people in the world to hell!

You find the key to the TARDIS. Where would you first travel and to what year?

I would visit Scotland in the years of William Wallace!

What answers do you have to the mystery of life, the universe and all the rest?


My most recent topics in the forum

My most recent comments

Curious about Olipop‘s most intimate thoughts? Unfortunately, no information has yet been provided.

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