Wistitee is an online retail website selling original, limited edition T-shirts. Every 72 hours, a new T-shirt is offered at a reduced price before being placed alongside the store’s other T-shirts, where they are available in limited quantities. Each design in the is the work of one of the website community’s member artists. Wistitee is more than just a store, it’s a gathering place for artists from around the world working together toward a common goal: creating original T-shirts. And – of course – gathering as many bananas as possible!

Wistitee is our version of the French word “ouistiti” – “marmoset” in English – an adorable little monkey. We tweaked the spelling a little bit, switching “w” for “ou” so as to make it a little easier for English-speakers to figure out, and changed the ending to “tee”, as in tee shirt. So what do little monkeys have to do with it? Nothing really. They’re just downright cute!

Wistitee is a meeting place for graphic artists and all who love to wear distinctive t-shirts. Our artists supply the designs, and our t-shirt aficionados vote for the ones that they would like to be able to wear. The Wistitee team then chooses a design among the most popular ones and with the artist’s consent, the shirt goes up for sale for 72 hours.
As a visitor to the community, or as a member, you can purchase the t-shirt at a very attractive price. Artists receive a commission for each unit sold. The t-shirts are printed and then shipped worldwide. A few additional copies are set aside for Wistitee’s permanent webstore, while yet others will be shown and sold at trade shows that the Wistiteam participates in.
Finally, a new t-shirt goes on sale for another 72-hour period, and the process starts all over again.

But that’s only the beginning. With graphic artists from all over the world using the Wistitee website as a platform to showcase their latest designs, they are also there to exchange ideas, suggestions, and to share their experiences. Our chatrooms bring internationally renowned artists together with new talent, French speakers together with English speakers, and there are art-lovers and the simply curious.

Rest assured, there will be no explosion! But when the countdown reaches zero, it does signal a change: a new design will go up for sale. So if you’ve got your eye on a certain t-shirt, don’t wait too long or it may no longer be available.

Each design is available for purchase for 72 hours only, so keep an eye on the countdown clock as it indicates when the next t-shirt preview will appear.

It enters the T-shirt Hall-of-Fame where it will hold a place of honor among all the other designs that had the privilege of going up for sale on Wistitee. The rights on the design revert back to the artist.

Once the printed has been completed, a number of extra copies produced will head over to Wistitee’s permanent webstore, while yet others will be shown and sold in trade shows the Wistiteam participates in.

What’s more: even if the T-shirt is no longer for sale, you can still vote for it in the voting gallery by choosing one of the “already printed”, thereby putting some pressure on us to put it back up for sale on the Wistitee website.