Each artist receives 1 euro per shirt sold on Wistitee (or the equivalent in U.S. dollars or British pounds).
If orders total between 501 and 1000 units, then the artist receives 1.5 Euros per shirt sold (or the equivalent in U.S. dollars or British pounds).
If there are 1001 orders or more, the artist receives 2 Euros per t-shirt sold (or the equivalent in U.S. dollars or British pounds).
This incremental compensation scale seems to us a fair way to compensate our artists.
In addition, given that we print extra copies for Wistitee’s permanent webstore as well as for the trade shows we participate in, the artist will be paid for these surplus printings.

First, once your illustration has gone on sale, we’ll send you – at no charge – the t-shirt you designed in the size of your choice.
Second, when your design goes up for sale on the website, you and your work will be in the spotlight on our homepage, so that every visitor to the site can view your portfolio and read your interview.
Third, you will also be highlighted on our social networks, and your design will figure prominently in our newsletters.
Fourth, Wistitee is an ideal place to exchange suggestions, to share experiences and to collaborate with artists the world over.
And lastly, we love our artists and want them to feel the love, so from time to time we’ll surprise you with a little something extra; but if we say any more, it will no longer be a surprise!

Our payments are handled by PayPal within 48 hours after the close of sales of your design (if you don’t yet have a PayPal account, please click here). But if you live near to our head office, we would love to have you stop by, and we will hand you a check in person!

Our t-shirts are designed by graphic artists the world over, young talent and renowned artists alike. They send their artwork to the Wistitee community where members can view it and vote for the next designs to go on sale.

Absolutely! If you feel the inspiration, if you enjoy drawing and if you have a knack for vector graphics or another computer-drawing program, then we would love to see your artwork.
We are not here to check your qualifications. Whether your talent finds its way onto a t-shirt or not hinges entirely on the number of votes your design receives. Don’t worry if your first submissions don’t receive many votes: hang in there! Some of the greatest artists struggled for recognition early on.

A trick question? Hardly. Wistitee offers its member artists unparalleled exposure thanks to its bilingual community (English and French). Wistitee provides an opportunity for artists to share their art with new audiences, beyond the ones already familiar with their work.
In addition, Wistitee compensates artists fairly: we use a progressive scale whereby commissions are higher the more units are sold.
But above all, just how many Internet communities do you know that are as fond of little monkeys as we are?

This is the favorite part of our job. We keep a close eye on the voting gallery, since it is our main source of inspiration, which is why voting is so important.

The most popular designs will therefore nearly all be sent over to our print shop, but by “nearly all” we don’t mean “all”.
In order to ensure the greatest possible diversity of t-shirt styles, we want to explore a wide variety of themes, so that, at Wistitee, there is something for everyone.

The artist retains all individual rights to his or her work both before, and after the t-shirt goes on sale.

As you surf our website, you may find that you’ve fallen in love with the work of one of our artists. In addition to reading the artist’s profile, you can stay up-to-date with any new developments related to his or her work on the website by simply clicking “Follow” under the artist’s profile picture. You’ll have access to the artist’s latest designs on Wistitee and can link to other relevant information on our “Activity Stream” page (under the “Community” tab).