What a fine expression of love! To use your gift card, simply place the items you want in your shopping cart and type the code on your gift card in the appropriate location as you head to the Wistitee checkout.

Not at all: if your order amount is less than the amount on your gift card, any remaining credit can be used for other purchases later on.

We have great news: never. But don’t wait too long to order your favorite T-shirts, as each design is available in limited quantities only.

At present, Wistitee gift cards work exclusively thanks to the magic of the Internet: everything is delivered by email.
When you buy a Wistitee gift card, you  receive a printable version sent to your own email address and that you can print yourself (it will come as a PDF).

Not right now. But if there’s sufficient demand, why not?!

Unfortunately, no. For logistic reasons, that option is currently unavailable.