Under this mysterious title is a revolutionary system whereby your purchases and other special actions let you earn discounts on future orders. You really have to wonder why someone didn’t think of this before!

At present, there are two ways to earn points:

  • Purchase the featured T-shirt or an article from the webstore, with the exception of special-edition items. You’ll earn 20 KingPoints for every euro spent (shipping & handling not included);
  • Sign up with Wistitee: your account will receive an automatic credit of 100 KingPoints.

1000 KingPoints = €2.50. Given that each euro spent (not including shipping) is worth 20 KingPoints, a few high-precision calculations led our eminent monkey specialists to conclude that the credit points equal 5% of each amount spent.

We have no idea how the Master Monkey could have made such a financially ludicrous decision, but yes. He decided that the moment KingPoints was activated on 29 May, 2020, he would retroactively apply the KingPoints system to every order placed, going back one full year!

First, in order to use KingPoints, you have to have a minimum number of them: 500 during the launch period (up to July 1, 2020), then 1,000 after that date.

Once the applicable level has been reached, simply add items into your shopping cart and an insert will appear in it, encouraging you to convert your point into discounts: up to 50% on eligible items (everything except special editions).

One year after they’ve been earned, for each order placed after 29 May, 2020. That’s a long time, but be careful all the same.

Connect to your Wistitee account and click on “My Reward Points”.

Send us an e-mail using the contact form and we’ll handle it for you. Shipping us a little bribe (such as a crate of bananas) wouldn’t hurt either!