No. You have an unlimited amount of time to vote for a particular design or to convince your friends to vote for one of your own creations. But remember that the popularity of a given design is not really measured by the total number of votes it receives, but by how much time it took to get those votes. A design that takes two months, for example, to gather 150 votes, is not as popular as another that had as many in only a week. So don’t delay in voting, or in getting others to vote for your artwork!

As a member of the Wistitee community, you can vote for the designs you like by awarding them bananas.
You take on the role of superhero here and, as Uncle Ben might say :

“With great power comes great responsibility”

Each vote determines how successful a given design will be as compared with others. Just one banana – perhaps yours – can tip the scales in favor of a given design, so it can go up for sale on Wistitee.
Voting determines whether a given design will hang around the Wistitee site for the long haul. So get out the vote and hand out bananas!

You’ll get votes simply because you are part of the Wistitee community, but that should only be considered a starting point. On the page showcasing your artwork, you’ll find tools available so that you can share your design on your social networks and get your friends, family, acquaintances and even your fans to log on and vote for your work (they first have to register on our site in order to vote).

But don’t stop at the Internet: talk to your friends and family. Invite them, too, to join the Wistitee community, where they can keep track of your designs, vote for them and – who knows? – perhaps even buy some.

Most of the top-rated designs will make it to the print shop, but not all.
In order to ensure the widest possible variety of t-shirts on Wistitee, we don’t want to find ourselves in the position of only offering, say, zombie designs, even if they happen to be consistently the most popular.
We would rather offer a variety of themes so that each and every Wistitee visitor can find a t-shirt to his or her liking.