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Wistitee is raising its price. WHAT AN OUTRAGE!! So, now the monkeys will have a lot of extra cash so they can spend their time snoozing under banana trees? That's a thought we can relish.

After an 18-month-long battle that would make The Game of Thrones look like a lighthearted soap opera, we've come to the realization that we need to fine-tune our price point if we want to keep on unveiling T-shirts that both please the eye and provide a long-lasting, comfortable fit. When we launched the Wistitee platform, we were, in fact, placing our bets: the gamble was to offer a high-quality product at a very low price. That's a lot of pressure.

Today – while we're delighted to have satisfied scores of awesome customers (yes, I'm talking about you), while we are happy to have an approval rating over 95%, and while we are proud to have kept ahead of the curve by speeding up delivery times, using improved textiles, and expanding the range of models we offer – we have to face the fact that, when we talk about how rewarding pro bono work can be, our banker breaks into a grin that makes him look more like Pennywise than Ronald McDonald.

Today, we have to be realistic, and so we face two choices:

  • We can focus on maintaining our original pricing, which would mean making sacrifices: we would have to move production outside our beloved Belgium, change our screening process, and switch to less costly textiles. Terrible. And a far cry from our true values.
  • Alternatively, we can once again place our trust in quality by continuing to offer you the superior T-shirts that have made us famous, screened right here in Belgium. We can continue to compensate you for your loyalty, and implement your suggestions (case in point: the “second time around” shop!). And in doing this, we can improve our prospects for the future.

All of that may seem rather obvious, right? Well, not really. We had to take a few slaps in the face before finally understanding that it would be crazy for us to risk everything that we – and you – had created together.

Wistitee is raising its prices. And you know what? That's good news and that's a good reason to to watch our today's tee   !

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isabelle @imbault-isabelle

Cela se comprend tout à fait. Moi-même chef d'entreprise, je suis obligée de faire suivre mes coûts de production en fonction des augmentations de mes matières premières. Il faut bien vivre ma bonne dame! et puis franchement, les prix restent plus que raisonnables. Allez courage! ne lâchez rien!

François @francois

Merci beaucoup @imbault-isabelle ça nous va droit au coeur !

PTIT MYTHO @ptit-mytho

MAIS QUEL SCANDALE !! Je suis outré !

Je me désabonne de la newsletter et je supprime cette adresse de mes favoris qui pronait pourtant en bonne place entre You Porn et !!!

Non, j'déconne, j'comprends que vous ayez des contraintes de prix, d'autant que la qualité des produits n'est plus à prouver !!!
Faut bien que vous viviez et les pintes ne vont pas se payer toutes seules non plus 🙂

D'autant que même après cette “hausse”, les prix restent extrêmement honnêtes !!!

Bonne continuation les primates et continuez de nous gaver de bananes textiles et graphiques !!!

cerise93 @cerise93

Cela se comprends parfaitement 😉 d'autant plus que la qualité des t-shirts est plus qu'extra 😉

François @francois

@ptit-mytho, @cerise93, honte à moi de ne pas avoir vu vos messages !

@ptit-mytho quel honneur de figurer à côté de 🙂 Merci pour ton soutien permanent ^^
@cerise93 un grand grand merci pour les compliments <3