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What is Silkscreen Printing?

Is the silkscreen process really best for my T-shirt? Why is this technique preferable to all the others? The time has come to shed light on what is – for many of you – a profound mystery.

While you may find this disappointing, we actually don’t print our own T-shirts. In fact, the only thing we are good at is eating bananas, so we figure it’s best to leave such an onerous task to the experts. We can, however, share with you why silkscreen printing is – and always will be – the best technique available.

It all starts with the careful, computer-aided delineation of the colors used for each design. Once this precise task has been completed, a technician creates a mesh template for each identified color. Next, these templates are placed on a machine called a carousel. After careful calibration to the nearest millimeter, the “naked” T-shirts are set on the carousel for inking. From there, they are carefully transferred to an oven where they dry at high heat, and when they come out, they are ready to be folded and shipped off to you.

Unlike transfer-printing, which uses high temperatures to force ink to adhere to the fabric, silkscreen printing allows the textile fibers to actually absorb the ink. As a result, the fabric remains very light and retains its high quality, while at the same time colors keep their brilliance for a very long time. No more cracked designs after just two or three washes!

The result is nothing short of stunning: the technique produces a worthy showcase for our artists’ incredible work.

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