La Wistiteam

Wistitee has a new look!

To mark our two-year anniversary after months of hard work and unrelenting efforts, it’s with great pride that we’d like to let you know about a major upgrade to our platform.

For some time now, we’ve been secretly collecting your countless suggestions and comments, piecing together a top-secret list, something the entire world of e-commerce would love to have! Here’s the good news: the Wistiteam has taken its responsibilities seriously and has now assembled a wide assortment of new features for your enjoyment!

We’ve focused our efforts on one wish sitting at the very top of that list: the ability to order previously-screen T-shirts online. Discreetly inserted in the “Shopping” section, The Boutique is now open round-the-clock, 7 days a week, thanks to the magic of the Internet. But this Garden of Eden could very quickly transform itself into the depths of Hell… For, as you know, we have every intention of maintaining the prestige associated with limited-edition T-shirts and, fear not, we’re not about to falter. You’ll therefore only find certain models and sizes, and what’s there will last only until it’s gone for good. Ye who should wander there a day too late have now been duly warned…

To avoid such an ordeal, we thought up a new feature. In the Previous Tees area of the “Design” section, a marvelous new button allows you to be notified when one of our models makes its triumphant return back to our boutique. You’ll be informed by priority email whenever a T-shirt is once again in stock or perhaps even screened a second time. Delightful, don’t you think?

What comes next is yet another revolution, sure to dazzle even our most faithful contributors: so that you can share yet more love with our artists, every last pixel of our Voting Gallery has been redesigned for ease-of-use. You no longer need to leave the page to comment on a design: simply click on the corresponding icon and let the magic begin. And that’s not all: once you’ve awarded a banana to your favorite design, a new option appears “Notify me if screened”. Gone are the days of crying your eyes out because you missed out on that T-shirt you’d been dreaming of! Isn’t this wonderfully wonderful?

Last but not least, in addition to that, there is a microscopic tariff adjustment to stick to our costs. At worst, you will be asked 10 more microscopic euro cents (for V-neck and 3XL styles), and for the rest, you are 100% winners. We gave also the deliveries a clean sweep : orders for more than one t-shirt (cause now, yes, you can book up to 3 t-shirts at one time), will cost only 1 symbolic euro for each extra item. What more could you want ?

But what’s even better is that we have yet more surprises in the works! What fun would it be if we revealed everything all at once? 😀

This key moment in our existence also provides us with another opportunity to extend to you one more word of thanks: your suggestions and encouragement help to make us better monkeys, day in and day out. Along with this word of thanks, how about a great big monkey hug? And if that’s going a little too far, then we’ll extend a warm and furry monkey handshake. And if all that just seems to silly, then just accept our respectful salute. Yes, it’s a beautiful thing. Just like your brand-new Wistitee.

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PTIT MYTHO @ptit-mytho

Beau boulot les mecs !!!!

Vous assurez !

François @francois

Merci beaucoup @ptit-mytho, ce qui est motivant c'est d'avoir également des artistes qui assurent 😎