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How long have you been designing t-shirts?
I’ ve been doodling and drawing since I was first able to hold a pencil, but I’m a relative newcomer to the t-shirt design scene. It’s been around 3 years since I first started, and I love it.

What are your sources of inspiration?
Every one of my designs is born from a willingness to add my little grain of sand to an IP that I love, wich could be a TV series, a particular scene or character from a movie or the last game that has captured my imagination.

What advice would give to artists just starting out?
Be original. If you can come up with a novel idea or an new and fresh point of view, half your job is already done. For me, originality is the most valuable trait of a succesful design.

As an artist, what is your typical day like?
Well, it’s not as epic as I would like it to be… I work for a publishing house, and between that and enjoying family life (with my wife and my two little boys), that’s usually my day. Actually, t-shirt design for me is a great opportunity to stray from the day-to-day routine and does wonders to let me recharge my batteries. It’s a wonderful, great hobby.

As a child, what was your dream career?
I always doubted between architecture and art, and finally decided that the latter would suit me better.

We all have a mentor. Who was yours?
I didn’t have a mentor per se, but there’s certainly people whose work I enjoy and admire, not only in the graphic arts, but in music, film and literature. I have many, many influences and they all played a part in helping me develop my own style, for wich I’m very grateful.

Which do you prefer: video games or board games?
I’m much more of a board game aficionado, and I’ll always have a soft spot for Settlers of Catan, the game that opened the doors for me to the wonderful world of tabletop games.

After having suffered some kind of setback, you suddenly acquire a super power. What would it be?
It would be great to be able to control time! I would stop everything every time I get an idea for a t-shirt, and I would be able to work on it and develop it until it was perfect!

Extraterrestrials are coming to destroy the Earth. But, in a moment of mercy, they let you do one last thing. What would you do?
Hey, I have time-controlling powers, remember? No sweat!

If you could live out your life inside a film, TV series, comic book, graphic novel, book or video game, what would it be?
I love the Game of Thrones world, but I would pray every day to the Old Gods AND the New for mi life…I mean, you cannot trust in G. R.R Martin to not kill you out of the blue! The guy is ruthless!

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