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How long have you been designing t-shirts?

In general, I’ve been designing t-shirts for roughly 15 years, but only sporadically. I started regularly designing shirts approximately 7 years, give or take.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Pop culture: Movies, music, video games. I’m a huge movie buff, so I love learning about the creative process of how movies are made—especially when it comes to visual and special effects.

What advice would give to artists just starting out?

Speaking from personal experience: Don’t give up. Keep practicing. Learn to be critical of your work in a constructive sense (be aware of your weaknesses, and work hard to improve them). When you feel like you’re up against the wall and are stuck, this means you are on the cusp of a breakthrough.

Also: Learn to take criticism; it’s not personal so don’t take it as such; learn from it. Seek advice from those who are in the upper echelon. There are some people who offer advice who have no place doing so. These types of people can hurt your progress.

As an artist, what is your typical day like?

My typical day starts with getting the kids ready for school, then commuting to my day job as a graphic designer at a marketing firm. After work, I pick up the kids and go home to make dinner and spend a little time with the family. When the kids are asleep, I watch a little TV with the wife before I head to my office and work on designs. Somewhere in between all of that, I sleep. Pretty mundane, eh?

As a child, what was your dream career?

As a child, my dream career bounced between paleontologist, to astronaut, to being a model maker for Industrial Light and Magic. At one point I wanted to be a comic artist as well.

We all have a mentor. Who was yours?

Hmm. I don’t think I’ve ever had a mentor, just a lot of friends along the way with similar interests who tried to figure stuff. I lived in a small town, so it wasn’t easy to get the info or advice you needed, and we didn’t have access to the internet, so you just kind of found people with similar interests and bounced ideas off each other.

Which do you prefer: video games or board games?

Video games. Board games tend to bore me because you spend most of the time initially staring at a white sheet of paper to learn the rules. However, I used to play RPGs in high school and lately I’ve been kind of missing it.

Extraterrestrials are coming to destroy the Earth. But, in a moment of mercy, they let you do one last thing. What would you do?

I’m assuming getting a chance to sit in the cockpit of the mothership is out of the question? Then I guess I’ll have a BBQ with my family.

After having suffered some kind of setback, you suddenly acquire a super power. What would it be?

The ability to absorb information or experiences by touch. Or flying. I’m not sure.

You have one day to spend with a famous person (still alive, ideally). Who would it be?

I don’t know. The answer would change depending on my mood at any given time. I’d love to spend time with creatives like Drew Struzan, or someone who oversees a lot of things like Steve Jobs or John Lasseter — people who work in different industries who are creative in different ways.

If you could live out your life inside a film, TV series, comic book, graphic novel, book or video game, what would it be?

Yeesh. Tough question. I love playing Grand Theft Auto, but I couldn’t handle living in that violent of a world. Star Wars would initially be appealing because you’d get to fly spaceships, and stuff… but then there’s the Empire.

For the sake of giving an answer, I’ll say Star Wars, but keep me away from lava and the Death Star.

You are now Master of the Universe. What would your first divine deed be, O All Powerful Master?

Get rid of the comments section of the internet. All of it. Nothing good has come of it.

You find the key to the TARDIS. Where would you first travel and to what year?

The mystery of what the future holds is really appealing, but I’d love to visit certain eras to see what life was like during the 20s, or the Wild West. Or travel to ancient Egypt and watch how the pyramids were built. Witnessing stuff like that would be amazing.

What answers do you have to the mystery of life, the universe and all the rest?

The answer to life is to follow your heart and don’t worry about what other people are doing or what they think of you. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good and/or share your passions.

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